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Lifetime mortgages are a variation of the equity release mortgage that acts as a long term loan secured against your property.  How much you can borrow depending on two things – your age and the value of your property.  Aspire Financial Planning in Cheltenham can offer these lifetime mortgages to our customers in Cheltenham and beyond to help you make your retirement years easier.

Benefits of a lifetime mortgage

With this style of mortgage, you don’t make repayments.  Instead, the loan and interest will be repaid in full by the sale of the property when you and your partner (for joint lifetime mortgages) pass away or are moved into long term care.  Interest is charged on the amount that is borrowed.

With a lifetime mortgage, you still own the property and you can spend the money however you want.  You will also be protected by a no-negative equity guarantee, so you can be certain you won’t pay back more than you receive when the home is sold, as long as it is sold at the best reasonable price.

Things to consider

Generally, our lifetime mortgages are available to UK homeowners who are aged 55 or over.  The amount you can borrow depends on factors such as the value of the property and the type of property.  Some lifestyle and health issues may come into the equation.

Our service means we will sit down with you and help you assess if this is the right type of mortgage for you.  We want you to have all the information to ensure you are confident in your decision and are happy with the long term situation it will bring.

  • No repayments to worry about
  • Loan isn’t due to be repaid until you pass away or move into long term care
  • Allows you to free up money to make retirement more enjoyable
  • No-negative equity guarantee to protect you


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